September Spring Noosa Surf Report

Spring time of the year in Noosa is beautiful as an increase in air temperatures also brings an increase in water temperatures. Back to wearing boardshorts and rash shirts, yeww !! More freedom for paddling and playing.

This change in weather sees a few northerly winds blowing, which although great news for Kitesurfers its not the best news for surfers. For the best conditions get out early or head to the northern corner of Sunshine Beach.
As Noosa’s main beaches are “onshore” some surfers prefer lesser crowds and time to practise their “air” game.

The sandbanks at the Rivermouth are still really good after the last strong swell and ever growing sand build up slowly heading back west to the rivermouth to be pumped back east again along the pipeline.

Our Noosa Learn to surf school at Access 14 next to the middle groyne (see our red tent) is enjoying all the school kids on holiday at the moment.
Next month we are just about to start our Vegemite Surf Groms classes.

For anyone interested check us out for Lessons.

Choosing The Right Board

Presented by Sun and Surf Products

Over the last 10 years working at Noosa Learn to Surf School coaching beginners and intermediate surfers, I have helped hundreds of people get the right kind of board for their particular height, weight and ability. From small kids to large adults all with the same goal in mind, to get out there and have the most fun !

Once a beginner surfer has learnt the basics of surf safety, positioning on the board, paddling, pressing up properly (probably the most key factor to stand up success) the right technique for feet placement, body torque, using arms for balance and direction etc, etc.. No matter how much we teach someone, without the right board for them its useless. For a normal size adult we teach on 9ft. Soft Malibu G boards, for smaller light weight kids an 8ft. G Mal’. The key is to have good amount of height , width and thickness. The bigger, wider and thicker the more flotation, more stability to start with to find your balance to stand up success. Read more