Meet Your Surf Coaches

Merrick Davis, Grant Davis, Antony Collett, Stephan Kharouni, James Strachan, David Tregear, Pierre


Interviews with Grant

Name: Anthony Collet – Nickname : Tonyo
Years surfing: 23, has worked at Noosa Learn to Surf for 8 years
Where did you grow up? NW coast of France.
Likes: Travelling, loves his boys Beau and Sonny
Dislikes: Onshore northerly winds
Best Surfing Tip: Get the right board and equipment.
Best Surf Spot: Uluwatu Bali, Hossegor France, Granite Bay Noosa Heads
Favourite saying: “Don’t worry be happy”
Anything to add? Live to be in the water…

Name: Stephan Kharouni  – Nickname: Stefano, Stiffy
Years surfing: 30, has worked at Noosa Learn to surf for 6 years
Where did you grow up ? France & Spain.
Likes: Rugby league – “go the cowboys” good food like eye fillet steak rare/blue ! with beer battered chips, loves his daughters Ines and Eva.
Dislikes: snake surfers who drop in
Best surfing tip: ” look where you are going!”
Favourite surf spot: National park, Noosa Heads
Favourite saying: ” you fool! ”
Anything to add: “No” …you fool ! ”

Name: James Strachan Nickname : Jimmy
Years Surfing : 45 Years Coaching : 5 years at Noosa Learn to Surf
Where’d you grow up ? Brisbane
Tell us a little about yourself ? “I enjoy life. I love my family, like fishing offshore in my boat and of course like to surf. I’m also into classic old quality vintage Holden cars. ( Jimmy’s got a beauty that’s in showroom mint condition )
I love my home life in Noosa Junction and like to restore old Queenslanders.”
What boards are you riding at the moment ? “Well at one stage i had 12 ! Mostly riding a 6’6″ Chris Glasson 22″ wide, 2 1/2 thick tri fin. Also an 8’6″ Surf Dog and a 9′ Bing for the points. Depending on the conditions..”
Best surfing tip? “Relax, feel it !…think outside the square”
Best advice on life ? “Don’t take it too seriously”
Favourite saying ? ” Its not easy having a good time ” ( Jimmy says this to clients at the surf school quite often )
Anything else you’d like to add Jimmy ? …..No….Cheers ! (Cold beers chink )