Hire - Surfboards and SUPs - Best prices

Best priced in town for Surfboards, SUP's,Bodyboards & Kayak hire is available for experienced people who have already learnt to surf or sup or kayak ie. not for absolute novice beginners, only ok for those who are able and competent .

Priced from $15 for a bodyboard hire, $20 softboard , 25 for a hard surfboard (2 hrs) & $35 for a SUP board or kayak for 4 hours. Please let me know what type of board/craft you are after and i shall get you the best choice available at the time. We offer free delivery and pick up in the Noosa local area to/from your door !

Day rates start from $30 and weekly specials are to be negotiated pending your exact requirements. Rates reduce the longer the hire. I.d' is required and either a holding deposit or credit card details, these are fully refunded on the satisfactory condition return. Any damages/dings are to be charged out for the cost of that board being professionally repaired.

Please call Grant Davis on 0411 198 365 to arrange.

For first timers wanting beginner softboard hire I can refer you on to noosalearntosurf.

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