Surfshorts - for Ladies/Girls Neoprene


Surfshorts - for Ladies/Girls Neoprene 00134
  • Brand New Adrenalin Surfshorts for Ladies/Girls/ Unisex.
  • No more rashes on your legs !! Which all too often happens particularly with beginners after the 2nd or 3rd day of surf school.. “Ouch” !! Big Hooray for these comfy protective fitted shirts, So much more comfortable than the everyday boardshorts, so for those that persist with just wearing bikini bottoms and risking more rash and exposure on wipeouts !! We implore you , please do yourselves a big favour and get into these us you will be very happy you did. A must have item!
AU$39.95 In stock
Surfshorts - for Ladies/Girls Neoprene

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